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Course Description

This one day training course provides the expertise needed to handle media interviews with confidence and authority - even under highly challenging circumstances. You'll learn simple techniques to avoid being wrong-footed by arwkward questions, turn potentially damaging facts into positive outcomes and discover how to take control of threatening media interest.

If you ever wake up one morning with national newspapers and TV crews at the gate, armed with damaging information and baying for answers... this is the course to guarantee your survival!

What you will learn.

For the untrained, there's no such thing as 'The Safe Interview'. Every encounter with journalists carries the seeds of potential disaster. A 'curved-ball' question prompts an unwary admission, an ill-advised remark... and suddenly, you're on the front page for all the wrong reasons. But it doesn't need to be this way. This course teaches a series of simple, practical steps to put YOU in charge of the media process.

What you will learn

  • How to appear confident, well-informed, calm and convincing as an interviewee - no matter how tough the questioning.
  • Crisis management: the special skills needed to regain control and snatch PR victory from the jaws of near-certain disaster.
  • The secrets of Interview Preparation: four key strategies to determine the outcome of an interview even BEFORE it's happened! Plus, the key differences between print and broadcast media.
  • How to guarantee you're not misquoted - and an 'inside track' to help you avoid the tricks most commonly used by journalists to lure you into an indiscretion.
  • Why the dreaded 'Live Interview' is actually much easier to handle than a prerecorded encounter.
  • Physical techniques to master the all-important science of body language and speech control - ensuring that what you're saying isn't contradicted by how you're saying it!
  • How to use journalistic deadlines to your advantage - gaining maximum benefitfrom the timing of statements/responses to a story. In short, why the clock is your best friend.

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