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Mediation Skills

There are many kinds of conflicts: with your disgruntled employees, direct reports, between your team members, clients, with your partner or kids. This course deals with interpersonal disputes where parties have some ongoing connection.

Like it or not, you are a negotiator and mediator, you do it everyday of your life. When you buy a house, discuss a pay rise, negotiate a contract or help resolve a dispute between your children when they argue. You are doing it every day probably without even thinking about it. And as you go about your daily business of mediation and negotiation, what techniques and methods do you use? Did someone teach you to do it successfully or did you learn what you know the hard way, trial and error. Perhaps you took a mediation A level or studied it at night class? But if you're like most people then you haven't had any formal training and yet we should all probably have been taught it at school given how important it is in our lives.

Mediation as a process is spectacularly successful. According to ACASs' figures,'in about 80% of mediations undertaken by Acas, an agreement is reached'. Using mediation skills can soften even the most entrenched position.

What you will learn

  • How to create the conditions for a positive outcome.
  • How to make it safe to discuss everything openly and honestly.
  • How to explore, reframe and move into problem solving mode.
  • How to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Understand your own and others' responses to conflict.
  • Learn techniques to explore the situation.
  • Minimise your own stress around the issue.

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