Resilience Training

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity. It is innate in all of us to varying degrees. We can be incredibly naturally resilient in some situations and not so much in others. When we are resilient, Dr Ann Masten, Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, calls it, 'ordinary magic'. Read more

Your Strengths and Skills

An engaging, energetic participative group workshop designed to surface your talents, skills and attributes toward re-discovering your strengths. Working with pictorial innovation tools and play we will explore and collaborate to understand where, when and how we manifest our skills, strengths and positive attributes. No drawing skills necessary. Bring your childlike creativity and sense of humour.

Difficult Conversations Training

Difficult conversations are a fact of life in any workplace. People sometimes avoid conflict situations where they need to deliver bad news, respond to bad behaviour or where they fear that there will be an adverse reaction to an assertive or critical message. If there are problems with colleagues, many people believe that raising the issue will make it worse. The ability to talk about difficult issues with honesty, clarity and integrity builds credibility. Managers who avoid difficult conversations risk undermining their own position and potentially losing their staffs' respect. Read more

State Management - Confidence Building

State Change and Anchoring Course. This course will teach you techniques to change your state of mind at will, allowing you to cope with day-to-day working life. It explains the mechanisms by which stress and nerves happen and the ways by which your mind can either work with you or against you. You will earn techniques used by sports psychologists to help athletes control their state of mind before and during competitions. Begin to use innate capabilities that perhaps you haven’t yet harnessed. You will learn simple but stunningly effective Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques and ways of thinking which will enable you to control anxiety build confidence and achieve your full potential.

What you will learn

When handling difficult meetings, going for interviews or delivering presentations, there is no substitute for hard work and preparation. That said, many people have had the experience of having planned and researched extensively, find that anxiety and tension on the day means that they do not perform in a way that reflects truly the preparation they have put in, or their capabilities. And in extreme cases people may experience the ‘flight or fight response’ where they begin to sweat, their mind goes blank, the heart races and they may even have tunnel vision. This response is appropriate for being chased by a tiger but everything you do not need in a meeting, interview or presentation setting. This course explains the mechanisms at work and how to use the minds’ ways of working to have it support you.

  • Learn NLP techniques taught in business schools around the world to build confidence and enhance your performance.
  • Control your nerves and eliminate fear.
  • Discover your inner strengths and focus your mental energy.
  • Learn visualisation techniques used by top sports men and women.
  • Break the cycle of stressful thinking using highly effective strategies.

Mediation Skills

Learn the skills to deal with employee conflict before it becomes 'an issue'. Interemployee conflicts impacts a business in numerous ways: breakdown in communication, anxiety, sickness, absenteeism. There are mediation skills, tools and techniques which this course covers which makes early intervention easier and prevents escalation. Read more

NLP Training

This is an introduction to the principles of nlp. Increase your own motivation and inspire others. Read body language more effectivly. Create well formed outcomes to consistently achieve your goals and objectives. Learn how to create positive states at will using the same techniques as olympic sports stars. As a boss, team leader or manager and you do not know about perceptual positions, representational systems, rapport building techniques, or meta models, then this course is for you. Read more