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Difficult Conversations Training for BBC

Difficult conversations training for NHS

Difficult conversations training for Mott MacDonald

Difficult conversations training for IWC

Difficult conversations training for Smart Metering

Difficult conversations training for STV

Le Grove Training

We care passionately about helping talented and enthusiastic people achieve their true potential by giving them the skills to; improve resilience, have those difficult conversations, manage their state, set and achieve goals. We believe that quality leadership training should and can be affordable and open to all. We provide in house training to large organisations and we also make this available to individuals at an affordable price by providing the same training to larger numbers to keep costs down.

Dorothy C Le Grove

Dorothy C Le Grove trained as a professional engineer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and began her career working in heavy engineering. She then moved to work in the broadcast industry where she worked across Asia, Europe and the United States.

Engineering was and still is a male dominated profession and when she first started working in the late 80's, the canteen was segregated and the men had blue plates which were bigger than the women's pink plates. Resilience and how to have difficult conversations were skills which were not innate nor taught in school but had to be learned. 28 years experience have been distilled into these courses so the skills can be learned in a structured and enjoyable manner.

90 Minute Training Sessions

When running a small business, taking a whole day away from the workplace is not ideal, so we specialise in short, sharp 90 min training sessions. These are held early morning, lunch times and in the evening. They are modular so you can cover the same material without having that post lunch fatigue that often happens during full day training.

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