Resilience Training

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity. It is innate in all of us to varying degrees. We can be incredibly naturally resilient in some situations and not so much in others. When we are resilient, Dr Ann Masten, Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, calls it, 'ordinary magic'. Read more

Difficult Conversations Training

Difficult conversations are a fact of life in any workplace. People sometimes avoid conflict situations where they need to deliver bad news, respond to bad behaviour or where they fear that there will be an adverse reaction to an assertive or critical message. If there are problems with colleagues, many people believe that raising the issue will make it worse. The ability to talk about difficult issues with honesty, clarity and integrity builds credibility. Managers who avoid difficult conversations risk undermining their own position and potentially losing their staffs' respect. Read more

Rich Pictures - Dealing with Complexity in the workplace

Are you managing a complex situation in your team? Do you have a 'wicked problem'? Do you need to develop the Vision to drive forward transformational change? The Rich Picture technique is an visual experiential tool that helps you and your team uncover the rich complexity of a situation and develop a greater understanding of all its parts. Giving a voice to all participants to engage with and co-design the vision of the future Rich Pictures are a valuable tool to map current situations in order to identify actions for improvement. Read more

Boot Camps for Ideation

Innovation is driven by people, not by corporate processes. That is why our Innovation Bootcamp gives your team a platform to develop new ideas that they are passionate about. Through collaboration and exploration of innovation tools the participants go from ideas to prototype in the day. Read more

Mediation Skills

Learn the skills to deal with employee conflict before it becomes 'an issue'. Interemployee conflicts impacts a business in numerous ways: breakdown in communication, anxiety, sickness, absenteeism. There are mediation skills, tools and techniques which this course covers which makes early intervention easier and prevents escalation. Read more

NLP Training

This is an introduction to the principles of nlp. Increase your own motivation and inspire others. Read body language more effectivly. Create well formed outcomes to consistently achieve your goals and objectives. Learn how to create positive states at will using the same techniques as olympic sports stars. As a boss, team leader or manager and you do not know about perceptual positions, representational systems, rapport building techniques, or meta models, then this course is for you. Read more