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Difficult Conversations Training for BBC

Difficult conversations training for NHS

Difficult conversations training for Mott MacDonald

Difficult conversations training for IWC

Difficult conversations training for Smart Metering

Difficult conversations training for STV

Le Grove Media &Training

We care passionately about helping talented and enthusiastic people achieve their true potential by giving them the skills to; improve resilience, have those difficult conversations, manage their state, set and achieve goals. We believe that quality leadership training should and can be affordable and open to all. We provide in house training to large organisations and we also make this available to individuals at an affordable price by providing the same training to larger numbers to keep costs down.


Dorothy C Le Grove

Dorothy C. Le Grove BA BSc(Hons) PG Cert(Hyp) trained as an engineer, worked initially for a defence company then moved to broadcast television. At the age of 26 she was deputy head of a large sound and camera department. Over her career in television she has worked across America, Asia, and Australia. After a 'brush' with burnout, she began to study stress and approaches to building resilience; taking an engineering approach to the subject. She is now a Master Practitioner of NLP and a qualified mediator. She studied Clinical Hypnotherapy at the University of West London where she graduated with distinction. She is currently working on a freelance basis in television, is a leadership trainer and coach and teaches a number of courses including, How to have difficult conversations, NLP Skills, Mediation skills and of course Resilience. .

Esther Weinstein

Esther Weinstein BSc Hons Pg Cert Systems Thinking in Practice, is an Innovation Leader with over 20 years experience , designing and facilitating group and individual development sessions. She works within the Wheatley Group driving transformational behavioural change. Having designed a Group wide innovation programme she is creating the accompanying workbook to support a self directed learning journey for all participants towards embedding a culture of innovation. She designs and facilitated bespoke Innovation Lab sessions for Strategic and Service design, L&D as well as developing Vision designs for Customer Storyboards and Infographics.

90 Minute Training Sessions

When running a small business, taking a whole day away from the workplace is not ideal, so we specialise in short, sharp 90 min training sessions. These are held early morning, lunch times and in the evening. They are modular so you can cover the same material without having that post lunch fatigue that often happens during full day training.

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